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    As a former dancer, yoga was a natural progression for Jeremin in the physical sense. As with every great love story, she discovered so much more on a mental, emotional and spiritual level and…as a way of life. This has kept her firmly committed to her practice and led her to complete a 500hr Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy in Melbourne in 2011. Since then she has continued to learn from yogis around the world.

    Inspired by creative playfulness, Jeremin encourages students to be present, and to keep their hearts open, wild and free. Her classes focus on breath awareness to create dynamic and mindful flows with an emphasis on strength development, flexibility and core stability.

    The opening of Hot Dog Yoga is Jeremin’s way of spreading her deep love for the practice, and she is thrilled to provide a space for all to share their passion for dogs, downward facing dogs and hot yoga.

    Expect to flow, sweat and breathe your worries away in Arjanna’s classes. She works in a step-by-step progression towards at least one offering that challenges your comfort zone. Arjanna guides her students into a state of deep restoration and healing to explore connecting with their physical body and mind. She hopes to impart awareness (of body, breath and self) to empower her students to find their own authentic practise.

    Arjanna takes inspiration from her teachers: Noelle Connolly’s intelligent sequencing, Maty Ezraty’s passion for moving mindfully with correct alignment and energetic teachings from Simon Park and healers she has crossed paths with around the world.

    Arjanna first fell in love with the dynamic movements, sweat and beautiful shapes that entailed the physical practice (asana) of yoga. Like many others, as she spent more time on her mat, it became clear to her that what kept her coming back went far beyond a healthy body. She found yoga had an incredible way of silencing her mind and increasing her ability to concentrate. This allowed her to make decisions in her life keeping the best interest of her body and mind at heart.

    Ella first discovered yoga in her twenties while studying to be an actor. Working with movement and human energetics in her capacity as a performer and acting tutor for over a decade, yoga was an integral part of her arts practice. With a desire to dig deeper into this ancient methodology, its benefits and applications, she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher training with BodyMindLife. Ella has since gone on to complete trainings with Tara Judelle and Mel McLaughlin.

    Ella's classes encourage mindful movement that releases tension, builds awareness and strength and leaves students feeling grounded and renewed.

    Jacqueline completed her first teacher training in Mysore, India in Ashtanga yoga. She loves fusing her passion of Ashtanga yoga with a slow, soul flowing Vinyasa style as she strongly believes in slowing down and getting back to basics and more importantly the breath.

    Jacqueline fell in love with the “feeling" of yoga 10 years ago and strives to share her passion and love of yoga with others of all ages, abilities and levels to help people connect back to their bodies, through their breath and the universal power within.

    Morgane is excited and grateful to be sharing the love of yoga. She discovered yoga 15 years ago, as part of various physical development techniques in her acting career and training. Over time, her daily personal practice became non-negotiable. She saw first-hand how the practice expanded beyond the physical. Naturally, she became a yoga teacher!

    Morgane trained under Elisha Young, Mel Mclaughlin and Arian Levanael amongst others. She qualified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Kids yoga.

    She loves teaching both the yin and yang practice for a complete experience. She believes this is crucial for developing a sense of equanimity for the body, mind and soul off the mat. Her classes are fun, engaging, and can be challenging at times.

    Morgane believes that yoga on the mat is a precious time we dedicate to and for ourselves. It is a time where she can assist her students make discoveries. To remind them that it is not about the pose but what happens on the way there. To equip them to use the practice off the mat, in their daily lives - where the real yoga happens - living a mindful life anchored in gratitude.

    Morgane continues to learn and further her knowledge of the practice. She believes we are never too young or too old to start and discover this practice which, even in its most challenging form, is forever rewarding and quite simply, life changing.

    Natasha started out as a ballet dancer, who's performance career took her travelling around the world. Her passion for stretching and all things movement soon took her to new heights and working as a circus aerialist. Between the struggles and strains of a life on tour, yoga quickly became an essential part of her daily routine for conditioning, injury recovery, and overall mental well being. Natasha is excited about sharing her love for flexibility and moving meditation with Hot Dog Yoga.

    Rachel has been practising yoga since she was a teenager. It was the natural next step as she always had a love for movement coming from a dance background. For her, yoga is all about coming back to your natural state, dropping out of your mind, and into the intelligence of your body. This idea is at the heart of her classes and personal practice. Rachel uses slow, strong and juicy sequences to create a moving meditation.

    She has trained with the likes of Shiva Rae, Noelle Connelly, Kat Clayton, Lara Zilibowitz and Brooke Elliston.

    A health and fitness journalist turned yoga teacher, Sam first turned to yoga as a chance to remedy the aches and pains accrued from a desk bound job. However, once she began practising regularly, she noticed how much her body craved the physical release and was instantly hooked. Not long into her journey, she experienced a devastating career setback and it was during this time she experienced her ‘true awakening’ to yoga. A kind offer to practise at a studio with a respected teacher came and it was then that she discovered the soul soothing, mind nourishing nature of yoga.

    Through yoga, she found solace, space and herself. Physically, it allowed freedom of breath, of mind, of body. As a former dancer, she loved the creativity of sequencing, flow of movement with music and the ability to hone in to flexibility and edge deeper into poses. Mentally, she gained acceptance and self-worth, the spiritual and philosophical teachings allowing a broadening of the mind and evolving into a wholehearted way of living and being. After five years of soul searching and devoted practise in Sydney and London, she followed her heart to India, where she gained her 200hr YTT at Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Village in Goa under the guidance of a respected UK teacher.

    Now Sam is passionate about supporting others to live a soulful, compassionate and contented life through yoga. Sam’s classes focus on slow mindful movement with breath, heartfelt intention, feel good flows, strength building and balance work, along with a touch of philosophy and positive psychology.

    Vanessa is a highly qualified Yoga Therapist, Bodyworker and Educator. She comes from a dynamic mix of yoga styles and had the opportunity to train with leaders in the field of yoga while teaching for Pure Yoga in Hong Kong. She has extensive training and has taught thousands of classes worldwide.

    Vanessa has been teaching since 2003. She specializes in Family Practice, teaching Yoga for Fertility, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Mums and Bubs classes and enjoys teaching kids and family yoga. Vanessa is a Childbirth Educator, Infant Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor and has trained to be a Doula.

    She is a Yoga Therapist by trade and prefers slower yoga these days. Vanessa has been asked to assist and teach numerous yoga teacher trainings with special attention to Women's Yoga and to Anatomy. Vanessa's classes celebrate, recognize and consider the many pieces of the personal whole. Not afraid to make some noise, she is a strong teacher with a strong voice. Vanessa is nurturing but not always easy. Her classes can be both strong with a commitment toward softening and restorative with a bend toward the uneasy. She challenges you to face yourself both on and off the Yoga or Shiatsu mat. Vanessa has extensive bodywork training and holds a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. As well, she has intensively studied Thai Massage both in Thailand and during her graduate studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chicago. She also practices Craniosacral Therapy. Vanessa leads Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreats both in Australia and internationally.

    Victoria is a passionate person who throws herself into whatever she does. Her greatest passion is her family. She married her best friend and 27 years later they have 3 amazing boys and 3 insane dogs! She loves a loud house – laughter, barking and the sounds of joyful living!

    Victoria has always been drawn to a physical practice. She loves weight training, Muay Thai, boxing and hiking. When she discovered yoga, it allowed her to combine her love of physical movement with a sense of deeper connection to herself. Through teaching to others, she has been able to share that experience. Her formal training (360 hours) was at Prana Space. Since then, she has attended many workshops in Australia and USA. She practices yoga with many beautiful teachers, in a variety of styles, every chance she gets.

    As a teacher, Victoria believes you must never stop being an eager student. She is not one for rigid structure, doesn’t believe in gurus or any doctrine. Her style of practice is open and intuitive. She designs it to help the student find their flow state where they can connect to themselves through movement and breath and truly step into joy.

    After developing a love of dance and fitness while young, Jacqui was drawn to hot yoga when she moved to Melbourne (probably to escape the cold). She remembers her first class not being as easy as she imagined but loved the way she felt after a class - refreshed, energised and positive. Curious about the physical and mental benefits yoga brings, she has practised various styles of yoga over the last nine years. Today, Jacqui loves being able to share her passion for yoga through her classes. She brings a playful approach to the practice that combines strong, creative and considered sequencing. Since her original training she has completed further training. She has trained with and practised with many mentors including Noelle Connolly, Shiva Rea and Simon Park.

    When Jacqui is not teaching or thinking about yoga, she teaches Barre classes, loves being in the sun and enjoys an over-catered picnic with a glass of bubbles or red wine.

    Like the fluffy white dessert named after the famous ballerina, Pav is an 13 year-old "puppy" and the studio mascot. She is the epitome of a true yogi – so content, and loves unconditionally. Her role is to welcome members with lots of energy and good vibes and provides cuddles (and the occasional lick). Although an expert at downward facing dog and savasana, she is not one to show off her talents and doesn't do them on demand.